About Us

Peace of mind is priceless.

There is nothing like knowing that your home and those you love are protected and safe. At
Progress Systems, we understand that your security means everything. Servicing Hamilton
Ontario, Toronto Ontario, and surrounding areas, our company offers top quality HD cameras
and installation services that keep you feeling secure.
Premium products!

Progress Systems offers high definition security cameras and installation for homes and
businesses. For a one-time payment of $1000, you receive 4 HD CCTV cameras and installation
services. After installation, you can access your property any time you want using a free app to
give you peace of mind and confidence.
All our products are high quality, and we take proper time to understand the needs of our
customers and suggest the best products that supercharge their needs. No hidden fees! Our goal
is to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.
Customers can also pay monthly monitoring fees to ensure that their property is a priority and
that it stays secure and safe, the way it should be. The protection of your loved ones, business,
and home is priceless, and with Progress Systems, you receive the lowest price for the highest
quality of security systems.
Contact us today for a consultation or to get your premium installation package.