Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I playback on the DVR?

Once you’ve logged into the digital video recorder with the password you created, go to the main menu and click playback. You then have to click the camera channels you want to playback on and choose the day you want to view on the calendar and click play.

Can I view my cameras from my smart phone?

Yes, as long as there is an internet connection. Homeowners and business owners can view their cameras anywhere they go using their smart phone device, as well as their tablet and pc.

How can I zoom in on my phone?

Once you open the camera channel you want to zoom in on, place your index finger and thumb on the exact area you want to have a closer look on and zoom as you would on a picture on your phone.

Why does my stream take more bandwidth when it gets dark?

In low light situation, the noise in the image will increase. Noise is created by the gain setting, which enhances the input on the sensor digitally, in order to get enough signal. Due to the increased noise level, the image will contain more data and require more bandwidth. 

Do you have to put holes in my walls to install a security system?

Yes, majority of the time when we install wired systems we have to make holes. There are wireless systems available if you do not want any holes to be made.

If the power goes out, does my system still work?

It will only continue to work on a battery backup (length of backup time will vary by panel type)

If I move, am I able to take the system with me?

Yes, you can take the system with you. Our technician is able to re-install the system at your new location.